Eve’s Relationship Testimony With Franklin Veaux

Eve’s relationship testimony with Franklin Veaux, as interviewed by Louisa Leontiades and Kali Tal. This testimony is in nine parts. Scroll down for the complete audio as a playlist, as well as links to additional materials.

Eve episode 1


It started to get, actually, really stressful really early on. But because it was so, like, zing, like we’re so compatible, and so intense, we just get each other, it was worth putting up with a lot of shit, basically, for me.

Eve episode 2


“And I think it was a moment of, just…my critical thinking stopped. Because I couldn’t parse this fact that he was telling me something that I knew not to be true.”

Eve episode 3


“It was so fast, it was so intense, and…he hadn’t checked in with me to see how I felt about it. He hadn’t given thought to how it would affect his other relationships, how it would affect his relationship with me.”

Eve episode 4


And it was sort of like, we’d established that I was in the wrong, and that I was just weak and unstable. And he could come and take care of me, and now we were okay again.

Eve episode 5


“He just always expected—he could do anything he wanted, and I would just handle it. It always defaulted to being my job to just make sure everything was okay, while he did what he wanted. And I never got that from him.”

Eve episode 6


I remember driving home on the freeway and repeatedly thinking about driving the van off the road, just wanting to drive off the road and end it.

Eve episode 7


I was with professional colleagues. And he was sitting next to me, and he just started groping me, like putting his hands all over me…And I kept pushing his hands off of me. And I’d pull away, and he’d like move closer, and I’d push his hands off me and he’d put them back on.

Broken mask


“And everything that he did after that feels like it was entirely around either trying to gaslight me into thinking I didn’t have the experience that I was having, or trying to convince other people that I was crazy or malicious or lying or abusive.”

Eve episode 9


“I just felt like I had to understand what was real. Like, I had to get to the bottom of it, and to get to the bottom of it, I had to talk to the other women.”


“And there’s no circle to either hold me or Franklin, and this is why people like him get away with what they do.”

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